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Dr Jonathan Frost

Dr Jonathan Frost

Business Development

Jon Frost is an energetic speaker and published author. He knows all about technology and education and has transformed from Physicist to Firewalker as he has built his IT support business. He has helped hundreds of people overcome problems with their computer and technology. He helps people achieve their goals in their personal and business growth as they implement clear and specific steps. From a broken laptop to an ugly website, from a lack of energy to a business action plan, Jon will help you.

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Established in early 2013 by Robyn Smith and Stanley Huang (having come from extensive engineering & research backgrounds, respectively), Smith & Huang Ltd have since endeavoured to supply the UK with the highest quality of laser machinery – designed for optimum performance and maximum user cohesion. We offer the finest laser machinery on the European market with features exclusive to our brand which maximise machine functionality. As engravers ourselves, we have developed a large knowledge base on our product range and laser technology in general and are always happy to give advice wherever possible. We feel that our combination of technical skill, personal experience, customer service and competitive product range, allow us to offer a fantastic and satisfying experience for every customer.

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